Cool night, warm weather for Thanksgiving preps

Cool night, warm weather for Thanksgiving preps

Low temperatures will be around the mid-50s across Central Florida tonight.

Temperatures continue to warm across Central Florida. Highs were in the upper 70s, low 80s across Central Florida. The winds will continue to shift, by Wednesday afternoon, mainly from the west as we await a cold front that will dissipate just before arriving to Central Florida.

  • Tuesday evening: Low temperatures will be in the mid-50s by sunrise Wednesday, with some clouds around.
  • Wednesday: Temperatures top out at 80 as sunny skies continue.
  • Thanksgiving: Highs reach 81 with mostly sunny skies and a low of 61.
  • Black Friday: Clear skies for shoppers, as highs remain in the low 80s to close out the week with no chance of rain.

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Warming trend continues

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Winds shift, temperatures on the rise
Nov 26. Viento cambia, temperaturas suben poco a poco

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