Floodwaters not receding in Merritt Island neighborhood, residents say

Residents in a Merritt Island neighborhood are still waiting for Hurricane Irma's flood waters to subside.
They said ditches overflowed into their yards along East Hall Road and more than a week after the storm, they're still full.
Brevard County officials said the pumps at Hall Road are working as designed and there's an extra pump in place, but residents said they now have lakefront property that they don't want.
The county said the challenge for them was that Hurricane Irma was a very large storm that brought 12 inches of rain in 12 hours.
The county's pumps, which are running, were not designed or capable of preventing all flooding.  
They were designed to reduce flooding and flooding duration. Residents said area ditches already were swollen with water before the storm
“The water was already high from rain, and then we get the hurricane and everything floods,” said resident Amy White. “And obviously, 10 days later and we still have the flooding going everywhere and the water's not going down.”
The county said it had a mosquito control pump and a large portable pump running well before the storm.
There were also pumps running at the Pine Island Conservation Area.
The county said those pumps continued to run throughout the storm until they either ran out of fuel or the power was lost.