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Law allows some gas stations to run on generators, but solution may not keep fuel at the pump

FLORIDA — In the wake of the active hurricane season of 2004, legislators made it a law that certain gas stations have the ability to run off a generator.

After Frances, Jeanne and Wilma, Florida legislators realized they had a problem.

With power out for weeks at a time, gas stations couldn't pump their petrol.

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So legislators passed a law requiring all gas stations built since 2006 to have the infrastructure in place to run off an outside power source.

That would affect the 600 gas stations built in Florida since the law was passed.

The law also required all gas stations along designated evacuation routes to have that same wiring in place, and that's an additional 973 gas stations statewide.

The law, however, does not require the generator on site, just the system to plug it in if need be.

What generators do not mean, though, is the actual ability for fuel trucks to get through to replenish supply.

If roads are blocked or flooded, gas stations may avoid those power outages from a decade ago, but still not have any fuel.

Still, at least more can keep their lights on.