Paulette, Rene to stay out to sea, but more tropical waves to watch

Paulette, Rene out to sea, still monitoring the tropics

While Paulette and Rene do not represent a threat to the Americas, as they will stay over the open Atlantic waters. Rene is bringing tropical storm conditions to the Cabo Verde Islands near African but it is expected to continue to move away from this area.

Rene is also forecast to become a hurricane, but only for a brief time and over the Central Atlantic Ocean.

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A tropical disturbance located to the south-southwest of Bermudas has a medium chance to develop into a tropical system, perhaps a depression as it moves toward the southeast coast of the U.S., likely toward the Carolinas. Currently, this system continues to be very disorganized but conditions are expected to become more favorable for this system to become better organized toward the end of this week.

There is another area we will be closely watching. As the next tropical wave emerges from Africa, there is a high chance that it will develop shortly after it leaves Africa. By the weekend we could have another named system over the far eastern Atlantic. This system will continue to move westward and it is expected to track over a more southerly latitude.

We will continue to monitor the evolution of everything that happens in the tropics and bring you the latest on Eyewitness News, on our Eye on the Tropics section, and on our free WFTV Weather App.

We will continue to monitor the tropics closely and bring you the latest on, live on Eyewitness News and on our free WFTV Weather app.

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