See smoke? Prescribed fires across parts of Central Florida today

Controlled fires in Osceola and Brevard Counties to prevent bigger wildfires later

See smoke? Prescribed fires across parts of Central Florida today
Prescribed fire helps reduce the possibility of dangerous wildfire while enhancing land’s environmental quality. Picture credit: The St. Johns River Water Management District (The St. Johns River Water Management District)

ORLANDO, Fla. — Not many will see or smell the smoke across Central Florida due to the winds coming from the north-northeast today but if you do, don’t freight. It is caused by prescribed burns taking place in Osceola and Brevard Counties.

This morning, the Osceola County Fire Rescue notified the public that a fire contractor may conduct a prescribed burn at Camp Lonesome located in 4257 North Canoe Creek Road in Kenansville between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. There were no specifics on how many acres will be burned.

Authorities perform controlled burn to help mitigate larger fires sparked by natural causes or humans that can get out of control and cause further and larger damage.

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Brevard Emergency Operations Center also released a tweet this morning with information about a prescribed burn that will be happening between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. This prescribed burn will be done by the Environmentally Endangered Lands Program within the Pine Island Conservation Area located at the end of Pine Island Road in Merritt Island.

Weather Forecast

Dry air in the mid to upper level of the atmosphere will continue to inhibit the chance for significant shower and storm activity across Central Florida.

Expect hot temperatures across Central Florida, but humidity won’t feel elevated as it was last week. You can still break a sweat fast if working outdoors, though. Please stay hydrated and use sunscreen.

The wind will be mainly from the north-northeast pushing any smoke to locations south of the fires over Brevard and Osceola Counties.

Wildfires in Florida

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