Showers come to an end, nice evening; beautiful weekend ahead

Showers come to an end, nice evening; beautiful weekend ahead
Beautiful weather is rolling into Central Florida just in time for the weekend.
Showers and isolated storms will be moving quick to the west throughout the afternoon Friday. The winds could gust up to 30 mph at times. The humidity is lower than usual across Central Florida and combined with the winds, the temperatures are feeling great Friday afternoon.
Low temperatures tonight will drop to the mid to upper 60s under mostly clear skies. 
Dry air in the upper levels of the atmosphere will keep shower and storm activity to a minimum this weekend. Dry air in the lower levels of the atmosphere will make the temperatures feel much more comfortable. Highs will be in the mid to upper 80s. 
Rain chances are very low throughout the weekend and temperatures will feel very nice and not muggy. 
Great news also at the tropics. Jerry will continue well away from the Caribbean passing over 200 miles north of Puerto Rico. It is expected that the hurricane will turn north, staying over water, not threatening the U.S. or the Caribbean. 
We are monitoring another 3 tropical waves, there is no immediate threat to Florida during this weekend. 
One tropical wave is just over the Central Caribbean and has a very low chance to develop within the next 2 days. Another tropical wave is over 600 miles to the east-southeast of Trinidad and Tobago and will continue to travel eastward, this wave has a 30 percent chance of developing within the next five days. 
A tropical wave that will be emerging from Africa has a higher chance of becoming a tropical system, but this won't occur until after it exits the continent by the middle of next week. We will continue to monitor and bring you the latest on Eyewitness News, and on our free WFTV Weather app. 
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low humidity & lots of sunshine
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