45th Space Wing prepares for more launches

The rumble of rockets may soon be almost a weekly occurrence on Florida?€™s space coast

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — Florida’s Space Coast is about to see a big boost in launch activity.

The 45th Space Wing is preparing for a more robust launch cadence.

Earlier this month, the 45th Space Wing supported two successful launches from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in less than 35 hours.

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The 45th Space Wing is looking to reach a goal of supporting 48 launches a year, nearly one launch a week, with its “Drive for 48.”

“The launch to 48 isn't just necessarily. One launch per week for 48 weeks or 24 weeks, with a stand down 24 weeks. It's also like last week, we could do two within 34 or 35 hours. Then, we could have a week off and launch again,” said Col. Mark Shoemaker.

“There's a company that's building a satellite or capability and putting it on the rocket, and then there's the range and our job is whatever their doing is done in a way that safe,” said Lt. Jack Brown.

Launch safety keeps a methodical eye on preparing for the worst-case scenarios.

They make sure there is no activity in potential hazard areas and work to control any possible mishaps.

Launch providers' adoption of autonomous flight safety systems by 2023 will allow them to auto-destruct rockets if necessary, and are only expected to quicken the launch cadence.