Storms wind-down, spotty evening showers; rinse and repeat on Friday

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The wet pattern stays put to end the week. 
Storms have arrived to Central Florida bringing another soaked day for many. 
Some temperatures did make it to the low 90s, but much of Central Florida stayed in the upper 80s. The rain moved in shortly after 2 p.m., area wide, and some clusters produced torrential rain as it traveled over the I-4 corridor. 
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Rain became more sparse after 6 p.m. and it is expected to become even more spotty. During the evening, the sky will remain partly clouds and low temperatures will drop to the mid-70s. 


A wet and active pattern is still forecast for Friday. A few morning showers moving through Central Florida, but more numerous and heavier showers and storms during the afternoon. Storms will slightly shift in direction, moving from west to east, some producing high rainfall rates which could lead to flooding in some streets. Highs between 87 and 90 degrees.

Make sure to stay aware where storms are moving and how the might affect your commute as you may encounter some flooded streets.

If you encounter a flooded street, please make sure to take al alternate route. Water may be deeper than expected. Only 6 inches of rain can cause a car to stall. 

The typical afternoon pattern return over the weekend. High temperatures in the low 90s will trigger the sea breeze which will develop afternoon storms, mainly affecting inland locations. About 40 percent of Central Florida should receive measurable rain on both days.

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High rain chance to end the week

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