• Workweek off to nice start; another round of storms on horizon for Central US

    By: Irene Sans


    Central Florida is having a great start to the workweek, but all eyes are already in the next system that will bring a cold front Friday.


    After an average Monday afternoon, with highs in the low 80s, the winds will shift and help the temperatures gradually increase through the week. A steady temperature increase, to the low 90s by Thursday, and the return of afternoon showers and isolated storms is in the forecast.

    Conditions will remain stable but warm this week. There will be plenty of sunshine so make sure to use that sunscreen if you are planning on doing activities outdoors, even for a few minutes. The sun’s angle this time of the year keeps the ultraviolet rays strong.


    Winds along the east central coast of Florida


    The dry air will keep the low temperatures cool at night. Right before sunrise Tuesday, the temperatures will be in the upper 50s. If you get cold easily you might need a jacket Monday night if you are planning a late night out.





    Tuesday evening will still be a cool night, with low temperatures dropping to around 63 degrees, slightly above average for this time of year.



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    Although not completely overcast, the clouds will make a return Wednesday and the winds will start to shift, mainly from the east-southeast, bringing in more warmth across Central Florida.

    By Thursday, the winds will be from the south, allowing the temperatures to reach 90 degrees in Orlando. With plenty of moisture, the heat will ignite showers and isolated thunderstorms, mainly in the afternoon.


    By Friday, the front will approaching Central Florida, and the rain and storm coverage ramps up to 70 percent across the region. We are closely monitoring the evolution of this system for the probability of severe weather. We will continue to update our forecast, and fine tune the timing of storms and threats.


    As of Monday, it seems like the front will clear before the weekend starts, gifting Central Florida a mostly sunny and cool weekend.






    The same system that will bring the cold front to Central Florida by the end of the week, promises to produce another round of severe weather across much of the Central U.S., from western Illinois through most of Texas there is at least a slight change for severe weather, including the risk of damaging winds, hail and possibility of tornadoes. This system will be moving east through the end of the workweek and could potentially move the severe weather with it across the Eastern U.S. You can monitor closely the weather conditions wherever you go across the U.S. using our free WFTV Weather app.


    Chief certified meteorologist Tom Terry is live on WFTV Channel 9 with the latest forecast. 



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