Brevard Zoo guests can share conservation message with new UnSelfie Station


MELBOURNE, Fla. - In this day and age, people love taking selfies, a type of self-portrait, taken with a digital camera or camera phone held at arm’s length or in a mirror. People then share these selfies with all their followers on social media websites.

Brevard Zoo is introducing a word to their guests that is sweeping the web and plays on Oxford Dictionary’s 2013 Word of the Year, selfie, called an unselfie. This is a picture of a person doing a good deed, sharing an important message, taking part in an act of kindness, being unselfish and then posting that picture on social media to generate awareness. Guests can now take an unselfie at the UnSelfie Station, located at the front of the Zoo near the Scarlet Macaws.

The Brevard Zoo UnSelfie Station will actively engage guests in its conservation programs and inspire them to take the next step after voting at the Quarters for Conservation station at the entrance to the Zoo. Unselfies shared by guests will spread conservation messages learned at Brevard Zoo to friends and family through social media, exponentially increasing its audience. This additional exposure not only spreads the conservation message, but also puts a spotlight on the amazing conservation field projects supported by Brevard Zoo’s Quarters for Conservation program.

“We want everyone to become a Wildlife Hero by using the Zoo’s new UnSelfie Station,” said Michelle Smurl, the Director of Animal and Conservation Programs. “This initiative is a fun and easy way to spread important conservation messages.”

The UnSelfie Movement has gained momentum online, and guests to the Zoo are invited to join that movement. Here’s how to do so. Take an unselfie with your favorite conservation project at the UnSelfie Station and post it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any social media outlet you choose.

Include the hashtag (#) symbol to “tag” the picture when you post to social media. Brevard Zoo unselfies can be tagged with #UnSelfieStation and hashtags specific to the conservation project given on the bottom of the UnSelfie Station.

This movement gives guests the opportunity to make a statement to the world and spread awareness!  Actions taken show why wildlife conservation is important and helps others to join in the spirit of conservation as well.