Residents protest capture of 3 bears; 2 euthanized



LONGWOOD, Fla. - So far, three bears, including a year-old-cub have walked right into traps set in a Longwood neighborhood, now known as the site of the worst bear attack in Florida history.

"How sad it is that the creatures ... they're going to catch them one by one and maybe it's not even the bear that hurt the lady," resident Kathy Rewis said.

Only the baby bear was allowed to live, a 200-plus pound male and female were both euthanized upon capture.

It happened despite the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's public promise they'd be tested first.

"Well, the bear fit the description of the area where the incident happened, so public safety is our No. 1 priority right now," Officer Lenny Salberg with FWC said.

The area near Markham Woods Road is known for bears. There are signs up to warn drivers.

People who live with the animals peacefully question why more isn't being done to investigate whether officials have the right bear before euthanizing it.

"Obviously one of these bears didn't attack anybody," Channel 9's Karla Ray said.

"Well you have to remember, public safety is No. 1 right now," Salberg said.

It's an argument the public isn't buying.

"To me they're acting impulsively and they're just off to kill all the bears and that's just not the way it should be," resident Cheryl Taylor said.

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