9 Investigates: Coffeemaker recalled after causing serious burns



A Mr. Coffee's single-cup brewer has been recalled after dozens of people, including a Volusia County child, were burned by hot water and coffee grounds that exploded from the machines.

Second-degree burns covered 3-year-old Michael Schoenbrod's face and chest.

"I was screaming because I got hurt," said Michael, "It was hot."

The burns came from scorching coffee grounds that spewed all over him.

He was burned when his family's Mr. Coffee Single Cup Brewing System exploded in their Ormond Beach home.

"The second it happened, he was almost in shock. He couldn't stop shaking," said Suzanne Schoenbrod, Michael's mother.

"It was coffee. It went all over the place on me," said Michael.

Michael's mother said she spent weeks comforting her son, trying to manage his pain while cleaning the wounds.

"He was trembling with fear and with pain. It's something you don't forget," said Schoenbrod.

She said she knew she didn't have the only faulty unit and wasn't surprised to find a video on YouTube showing a coffeemaker exploding.

Schoenbrod said she was stunned to learn 164 people had complained to the company; 59 of them suffered burns before it issued a recall.

"It could have been prevented," said Schoenbrod.

The coffeemaker manufacturer and the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall in late August.

WFTV's 9 Investigates uncovered complaints and photos of burns on the CPSC's website dating back to February.

Attorney Rich Newsome says that he fears many more consumers have been hurt.

"So the real question, the only question, is how much sooner should they have done the recall to prevent little boys like this from getting hurt?" said Newsome.

Anyone with one of the coffeemakers should stop using it and contact the company for a free replacement.

Click here for the model numbers of the recalled units (this will be a link to the recalled coffee makers)

Click here for the model numbers of the recalled units