92-year-old WWII vet in danger of being evicted from nursing home



DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - A 92-year-old World War II veteran is in danger of being evicted from his Daytona Beach nursing home.

Arthur Fusco Sr. is waiting for the Veteran's Affairs Administration to pay his nursing home, but the VA said the process could take months.

Fusco's family members said they don't have that much time. He has until Aug. 25 to leave Grace Manor.

Fusco survived the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the war that followed. When he retired in 1946, he had served eight years in the United States Army Air Corps as a bombardier, but he says he's no hero.

"I don't think I did it, but I did my best and that's it. I'm proud of it," said Fusco.

Since March, Fusco has been living in the Grace Manor assisted living facility in Port Orange. But recently, he was given an eviction notice. He and his family told WFTV it's because an application for assistance from the Department Of Veterans Affairs has taken too long.

"They're hurting me and that's all I can say. It seems unfair," he said.

Fusco's son said Fusco applied for assistance from the VA back in November, but he claims since then the VA has mishandled paperwork and that he was told getting assistance can take up to a year.

Now, he said the possibility that his father could be evicted is heart-wrenching.

"To see me my dad in a situation where he's happy, content, everybody cares for him there and to be in a position where I might have to move him out of that situation for monetary reason that shouldn't, shouldn't be happening," he said.

On Thursday, WFTV contacted the VA in Daytona Beach and in Washington, D.C., and officials said that they would take a closer look at Fusco's file.

Although officials with the VA have responded, WFTV is still waiting to hear what the status is of Fusco's application is and if there is anything that can be done to expedite the process.