Action 9: Wrong click led to $10K charge for Winter Park man's airline ticket



A Winter Park man wants to remain anonymous after he said a simple mistake on a travel website cost him $10,000.

A month ago, the man used Expedia's travel website to buy a roundtrip ticket to Germany. He thought he paid $1,200 by credit card but later his online account showed it cost more than $12,000.

"And I said, 'Oh, my God.' Then I looked at it and thought they just made an error in printing,” said the man. “It's really hurt me, and it's really upset me.”

The Expedia itinerary showed he accidently clicked on first class ticket from Atlanta to Orlando, which apparently triggered sky-high upgrades for the entire trip.

The customer told Action 9 that he called Delta and US Air desperate to avoid paying the money for clicking on first class by mistake. Both airlines sent him back to Expedia, which was eventually a dead end.

“We have our policies, and there's nothing we can do about this," he was told.

Expedia is rated A-plus with the Better Business Bureay, but the bureau found a pattern of complaints involving refunds customers couldn't get.

Consumer groups said travel sites can save you money but they can be risky.

“Consumers need to be aware that when they use online travel services, they may have a more difficult time getting refunds than if they worked directly with the airline,” said BBB Vice President Holly Salmons.

Since the man called Action 9, Expedia changed its mind and returned more than $10,800.

“Anybody can make an error, and I made an error,” said the consumer.

Expedia told Action 9's Todd Ulrich that once the company understood the customer could not get the ticket reversed from Delta and US Airways, it contacted both airlines to push for the refund.