Apopka faces big gap between city's income, expenditures



The city of Apopka has a $10 million gap between what it expects to bring in during the next budget year and what it wants to spend.

At a budget workshop Wednesday afternoon city leaders heard from the city's police and fire chiefs about how they want to add employees and equipment.

City officials said they expect a drop in revenue of about $3.5 million. But proposed city spending is up by $7 million over last year.

At the workshop, the police chief planned to ask city commissioners for nine new officers and 24 new vehicles to replace aging vehicles in the department's fleet. 

The Police Department has not added new officers' positions for 10 years and the chief believes the department should not wait any longer to expand.

This is the first time department heads are being asked to make their pitches publicly.

The budget will be finalized in mid-September. There will be a public hearing Sept. 3.