• Alleged cop impersonator released from jail


    APOPKA, Fla. - A man accused of impersonating an Orange County deputy was released from jail after posting bail late Thursday night.

    He was caught at the Blue Jeans Lounge on Semoran Boulevard in Apopka. Witnesses said Carol King was flagging people to pull over and claimed he was working a missing persons case.

    According to reports, he told at least one group of women to get out of their car and show identification when they pulled into a parking lot.

    June, a bartender at the lounge who didn't want to give her last name, said King was "shady."

    "That's all I can say. I don't trust him," June said.

    Witness Stephan Rattan said King was asking one woman all types of questions.

    "Like her middle name, her first name, her address," Rattan said.

    Reports show he asked at least two groups of women for their IDs, claiming he was working a missing persons case.

    "They said one of their friends was missing, so he was pretending he was on the phone, trying to call it in and figure out what's going on," Rattan said.

    The report said King read the information on their IDs over the phone to someone else, even using terms like "10-4, you're all clear."

    June said it's not the first time King's used the "I'm a cop" line.

    "I've had episodes in here where I almost had some trouble by some of the pool tables, and he basically told me, 'Oh, I got this, I'm a cop,'" June said.

    WFTV couldn't find any records of King ever being with law enforcement.

    Another witness, who didn't want to be identified, said the whole ordeal was blown out of proportion. She said King was trying to help find a girl who lost her friends by asking other patrons for their IDs.

    "I definitely just think he was trying to help, he just went about it the wrong way," she said.

    King is facing a felony charge.

    Bartenders at Blue Jeans Lounge told WFTV King will likely be banned from the bar.

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