• Apopka taking down 3 red-light cameras


    APOPKA, Fla. - If you travel through Apopka, there are going to be fewer red-light cameras to worry about soon.

    City officials are pulling a camera from the intersection of Sheeler Ave and U.S. 441 as well as two other intersections because they reduced red light runners by a whopping 90 percent.

    Channel 9's Racquel Asa asked officials why the cameras are being removed if they're keeping drivers safer.

    "Literally as soon as it turns red, it takes a picture. That's exactly what my video showed," driver Crystal Cariel said.

    Since then Cariel hasn't taken any more chances beating the light at U.S. 441 and Sheeler Avenue. Other drivers are doing same.

    In 2009 the city handed out nearly 4,000 violations. The number is down to less than 300.

    "Is the city of Apopka pulling the cameras because the city is not making money?" Asa asked.

    "Well, then my question to you then is do you as a citizen of Apopka want us to keep spending your tax dollars for something that would constantly be going in the red too?" asked Chuck Vavrek of Apopka Stops on Red.

    Statistics from the city of Apopka show a camera at Main Street and Park Avenue saw just as much of a drop as the camera at Sheeler and US 441, but it isn't going away because the intersection is the busiest one in the entire city.

    The city is taking down a total of three cameras.

    "Aren't you worried the violations and the crashes will go up once you take the camera down?" Asa asked.

    "I am," Vavrek said. "There's always a chance, but that's always our responsibility to monitor."

    If drivers go back to old habits, there's always a chance the cameras could go back up.

    Apopka Red-Light Camera Locations

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