Charges may escalate for suspect in Cocoa man's attack



COCOA, Fla. - The family of a man who was brutally attacked when he came to the aid of a neighbor spoke out about his death Tuesday.

Michael Fallon died earlier in August, more than a year and a half after the assault. Fallon's family said he suffered for months before they decided to end the effort to keep him alive.

"The last few weeks he was alive he couldn't speak to us. All he would do is cry out in pain," said Gary Fallon, Michael Fallon's brother.

Marcus Royal was charged with Fallon's attempted murder and the murder of his neighbor, Faye Jones. Royal's attempted murder charge may now escalate, depending on Fallon's autopsy results.

In March of last year, Fallon knocked on 80-year-old Jones' door because they were supposed to go to church.

"When the church people called him to check on her to see why she hadn't picked up people for church that day, he came and he met his demise," said Ivan Jones, Faye Jones' son.

Cocoa police said Fallon had no idea an intruder was in the house. Police said Royal killed Jones and critically injured Fallon.

Royal turned himself in to police after making his way to Virginia. But, according to police, that was only after he called a friend and told her he'd killed two people and needed her to wire him some cash.

Royal has also been charged in the murder of another elderly woman, Ann Mull of Rockledge.

"I think for everything he's done, he should get the death penalty. That man doesn't deserve to be on this Earth," said Gary Fallon.

Last month, Royal was found guilty of violating his probation on 1993 sexual battery convictions and was sentenced to life.

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