Jury will continue deliberations Thurs. in Dunn trial



JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The first day of jury deliberations in the Michael Dunn murder trial ended Wednesday night without a verdict.

The jury decided they wanted to watch surveillance video from the gas station where Dunn is accused of killing Jordan Davis.

The judge said that video will be ready for the jury first thing Thursday morning.

Channel 9's Jeff Deal spent Wednesday inside the courtroom as prosecutors tried to dismantle Dunn's self-defense claim and prove that he’s guilty of first-degree murder.

Dunn looked on during closing arguments as prosecutors told jurors how he fired 10 shots into an SUV full of teenagers, killing the 17-year-old Davis, and then left the scene and ordered a pizza at his hotel room, never calling 911.

"This defendant didn't care if anybody was hurt. He did nothing," said prosecutor Erin Wolfson.

During testimony on Tuesday, Dunn said he asked the teens to turn down the music and the music came down temporarily.

He said he then heard yelling and name calling and the music's volume came back on again.

Dunn said that's when he heard threats and believed he saw the barrel of a shotgun and felt threatened.

He said that later when people started coming out of the car there were more threats and he feared for his life.

"After he said he was going to (expletive) kill me, he opened his door and said, 'You're dead (expletive),'" Dunn said.

"I said, 'You're not going to kill me, you son of a (expletive),' and I shot," Dunn told the jury.

Prosecutors mentioned how there was no evidence that the teens had a gun and questioned Dunn about why he fired 10 times and then left the scene.

In closing arguments, the defense pointed out the teens left the scene for three minutes, made calls to friends and returned before calling 911.

The defense attorney blasted police for not checking the nearby lot where the teens went, to look for a possible weapon until days had passed. He said even Davis' friends admitted Davis escalated the situation.

"The guys in the car even said we ‘didn't see any signs of anger,’" defense attorney Cory Strolla said.

Court is expected to resume at 10:00 Thursday morning.

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