Community leader racks up fines for rental properties



DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - Frank Heckman rents out several properties in the Daytona Beach area and serves as a community watch leader, helping battle crime, in those neighborhoods.

But WFTV reporter Blaine Tolison has learned that Heckman's properties are racking up code enforcement fines.

On two of the properties had more than 20 code violations last month.

Those violations include everything from peeling paint to deteriorated walls.

Heckman gave Tolison a look at his rental properties, even though the community watch leader, who volunteers for the Daytona Beach Police Department, was issued new code violations Friday.

"I have pride in ownership and I keep my properties up. Otherwise I would have more problems with tenants calling you and calling code enforcement and so on and so forth," said Heckman.

But WFTV did show up at his rental property because one of his tenants did call.

Code enforcement recently cited Heckman for more than 20 violations such as loose doors, windows, deteriorating exteriors, and plumbing and electrical concerns.

"He owns a lot of property just on this street alone," said resident Audrey Shephard.

"Then do you think he should fix some of this?" asked Tolison.

"Yes, he should." said Shephard.

Heckman owns 10 rental properties and has past violations dating back to 2006.

Daytona Beach Police Chief Michael Chitwood says no exceptions have been made for Heckman.

"We're going to go out there, and we're going to cite you and bring you into compliance. But as a leader, we would hope that the leaders, the leaders of our city, would try to lead by example," said Chitwood

But Heckman said those problems have been corrected and most of the complaints have come from residents who owe him thousands of dollars in rent.

"So does that affect your ability to keep these up to code?" Tolison asked Heckman.

"Absolutely not. I am not a poor man," said Heckman.

Out of all of those code enforcement violations, Heckman corrected them before further actions had to be taken by code enforcement.