Cops: Shooting in Kissimmee not related to random ones



KISSIMMEE, Fla. - There has been another shooting in Kissimmee, but police said they do not believe it's tied to the random ones that have some residents living in fear.

The latest shooting happened just after midnight Wednesday outside a house in the Lakeside subdivision on Jessa Drive near the turnpike and Boggy Creek Road.

Daniel Marrero, 22, was shot in the leg after bullets went through the screen and pierced the door.

Family members said the shooters knocked on the door and opened fire when the victim walked outside.

Officers said Marrero is in stable condition. Authorities said they believe Marrero was targeted.

Investigators said they are looking for two gunmen, although they don't have a detailed description of them.

The victim's family doesn't know why they were singled out.

There's a bullet hole in the living-room window, and the door looks like Swiss cheese in the aftermath.

Marrero's girlfriend and her roommate were also home when the shooting happened.

WFTV spoke to the girlfriend's mother at the house Wednesday afternoon, but she would not step outside and did not want to be identified.

"Everyone was in bed and someone rang the doorbell and they didn't see anybody. And then when they came out to see who it was they shot at them," said the mother of Marrero's girlfriend.

The woman has no idea why anyone would target her daughter or her daughter's boyfriend.

Police said they do not believe it's tied to the other recent shootings nearby.

"We don't know. It's being investigated so hopefully we will find out," Marrero's girlfriend's mother said.