Officials delay Fairbanks curve roadwork



ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Hurricane Sandy and the cold front following it is impacting work that was scheduled for the Fairbanks Curve this week.


The cold front will prevent new asphalt from adhering to the interstate, so crews are pushing back the work at least a week.

Construction crews are working on the curve in an attempt to make the reputed dangerous road safer for drivers.

Over the next two weeks, workers will resurface the highway from Lee Road to Fairbanks Avenue to add more traction.

However, WFTV found out that it is only a temporary repair job because the Florida Department of Transportation is going to widen I-4 in the next 10 years.

Until then, they've added a sign to warn people about the curve, along with Tuesday morning's improvements.

FDOT said it hopes the nearly $380,000 improvements will prevent crashes until it puts a permanent fix in place.

"It's real bad. It's real bad. It's backed up all the time," said driver Randy de Fazio.

WFTV has reported that the curve in the road has contributed to a number of accidents, especially when it rains.

"Driving next to them in general is scary, but on a curve like that, that's even scarier," said driver Christina Leick.

Some taxpayers said they are frustrated with the ongoing issue, but others said drivers could solve the problem by slowing down.

"That's crazy. People need to learn how to drive, you know?" Leick said.

In March, crews carved grooves in the road.

Officials said they were hoping it would drain the water, but so far it has not been enough to stop tractor-trailers from jackknifing.