• Dangerous intersection in The Villages set to get traffic signal


    SUMTER COUNTY, Fla. - A busy intersection for golf cart drivers in The Villages is about to get an expensive, new traffic signal after it's already cost the community thousands of dollars to prevent accidents.

    Colony Boulevard has become one of the busiest roads in the The Villages and some residents said the golf cart crossing there can be perilous.

    Community watch officers are forced to stand there and direct traffic, while  the Sumter County Sheriff’s office has had to step-up patrols in the area.

    “If you didn’t have that man there, it would be real chaos,” said Sara Bouthner, a resident at The Villages.

    Now plans are in the works to install a traffic signal, and in the meantime the community watch groups will keep doing what they can to prevent collisions, but it comes at a cost.

    The Villages has already spent nearly $20,000 so far for traffic control at the busy spot.

    “I think that’s a little costly, but it has to have something done with it,” said Villages resident Dean Sweet.

    The new traffic signal will cost around a quarter of a million dollars and could be installed in March.

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