• David Siegel to discuss drug testing with UCF president


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Timeshare mogul David Siegel is proposing drug tests at the University of Central Florida campus and he will be speaking to the university’s president about the issue later this month.

    UCF junior Garrett Wilson has been around campus long enough to know some students party and not just with beer.

    He and others think most students would fight back against the possibility of random drug tests.

    “What would they do if there was this random drug test policy? I think it would be an outrage at first but among a certain community. It would be like 50-50. Most kids are not going to care,” said Wilson.

    Some students said they expect the student body would oppose the idea.

    “I don’t think the kids are going to be too happy because it’s a choice of freedom. A lot of people get upset when they think that’s being revoked from them, so I don’t think they’ll be OK with it,” said student Ali Montgomery.

    But in the idea floated Monday by Siegel, middle schools and high schools would be included.

    Polk County schools tried testing their athletes randomly from 2006 to 2011 and claimed significant success, but ended the program due to lack of funding.

    An Indian River charter high school requires drug tests and will not admit students who fail.

    In Orlando, Lake Highland Preparatory tests students. School leaders said it helps students fight peer pressure.

    “You’ve given us an ironclad excuse. When we’re being pressured by others, not to use drugs because our school tests and it will be discovered,” said the school’s president, Warren Hudson.

    Hudson said one child in 1,200 tested positive last year, but cleaned up before a second test 100 days later.

    “We have tremendous parent involvement and investment in the children and investment in their lives,” said Hudson. “Whereas in the public schools, I don’t think they enjoy that strong partnership.”

    The meeting at UCF is scheduled for Aug. 28.  

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