• Deputies on hand to control traffic at Windermere school


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - There will be more deputies on hand this week near Sunset Park Elementary school in Windermere.

    Deputies will be making sure parents waiting to pick up their children at school are not blocking nearby businesses or crosswalks.

    Drivers could face a $115 fine.

    Parents at Sunset Park Elementary School told WFTV they were terrified by the traffic that surrounds the school.

    "The traffic is very dangerous," said parent Leanne Flynn.

    Sunset Park Elementary in Windermere is supposed to hold up to 800 students, but growth in Orange County pushed that number past 1,200.

    Because the school is over capacity, parents waiting to pick up their children create long lines of cars that often block intersections and create traffic concerns.

    The Orange County Sheriff's Office told WFTV it notified the traffic issue, and that starting Monday, parents need to be more cautious about where they wait for their children or they may be ticketed.

    The county is working on building another school that will relieve overcrowding at Sunset Park.

    However, that school is not set to open until August 2015.

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