• Development plans for Dr. Phillips doesn't sit well with some residents


    Residents in the Dr. Phillips area are ready to take their fight to county commissioners over a $40 million development.

    The development would sit along Sand Lake Road, not far from Apopka- Vineland Road.

    Channel 9's Racquel Asa found out the same development also has the potential to create hundreds of thousands of dollars and create jobs for the county.

    The traffic near Clubhouse Estates Drive will be heavier in the future if the church next door is torn down and replaced with a new shopping plaza.

    Judith Brannon lives behind the church.

    "I'm going to be backing up to the garbage cans, backing up to the parking lot. I'm going to be backing up to the stuff that nobody else is going to purchase," said Brannon.

    Brannon, a Realtor, worries that she'll lose value in her home.

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    Developer Chuck Whittall owns the land. He said that right now the properties are not making the county any money.

    He said that will change with the addition of 83 new single-family homes and a new 25,000-square-foot shopping plaza.

    "The tax base created between the two properties will be approximately $750,000, opposed to pretty much zero today," said Whittall.

    The projects also carry the potential for 600 construction jobs and 200 permanent ones, according to Whittall.

    Brannon said she realizes there's an economic benefit, but she's not giving up her fight.

    "Commercial builders build because they make a lot of money doing it. That's good, but do it someplace else," said Brannon.

    Orange County commissioners will have to rezone the property before the developer can tear the church down and build.

    The commission will have a public hearing on the property Tuesday at 2 p.m.

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