Disney files patent for possible 'Spider-Man' attraction

By: Chip Skambis


Ever wondered what it would be like to swing from a vine through the jungle like Tarzan or on a web through the city streets like "Spider-Man"? 

Disney filed a patent Thursday for a new ride system that the Imagineers hope will let guests have those experiences. 

The ride system is a swinging pendulum suspended from a rolling car attached to a track that runs along the ride building’s ceiling, according to the patent application. 

It’s like a cross between the "Peter Pan" ride and a classic swinging ship ride.

“One goal is designing an experience similar to what it would feel like to be with Tarzan or a similar character swinging between trees of a jungle on a vine or with Spider-Man or a similar character swinging on webs as you move down a city street,” the application states.

The application details how the ride system will make the swinging feel natural and unrestrained—like “being on a conventional physical swing set of a playground.” 

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Disney announced that "Spider-Man" would be a part of the Marvel attractions slated for an expansion at its California Adventure theme park, having already opened a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction there in May.

“Soon, the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' will be joined by 'Spider-Man' and 'The Avengers' in what will become a completely immersive superhero universe at the park,” the company announced during the D23 expo in July. 

Multiple outlets have reported the Marvel Expansion will replace or re-theme the Hollywood section of California Adventure—and a mock ride track in the patent application looks like the Monster’s Inc ride building in that area.

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