FHP: Trooper hit by car, speed limit sign after traffic stop



ORANGE COUNTY, Fla.,None - A Florida Highway Patrol trooper, who had just pulled over a driver for speeding on Beachline, was hit by a car and then a speed limit sign fell on top of him, according to authorities.

At about 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, 38-year-old Trooper Dave Rodriguez was getting back on his motorcycle after he had just written a speeding ticket. 

Rodriguez was parked on the inside shoulder of the westbound lane on the Beachline with his lights on when 20-year old Brittany Mikus crashed into him with her silver Hyundai sedan, FHP said.

Rodriguez hit her windshield, but the car kept going and plowed through a speed limit sign, which landed on top of him, troopers said.

"He does have a broken arm, a broken leg. He has possible other fractures. They are still evaluating him," said FHP spokeswoman Kim Montes.

 Officials said Rodriguez also has a broken pelvis, but he is expected to recover.

A man in a Hummer pulled off the side of the road to help and said he got the sign off of Rodriguez and called 911.

Troopers said they do not know why Mikus veered off the road, so WFTV reporter Tim Barber asked her, "Were you texting at all? Was it just an accident?  What happened?"

However, Mikus did not answer.

Montes said she was not convinced a crime was committed and wants Mikus and other drivers to remember to use caution when driving.

"Whether you see a fire truck, a road ranger or a police officer, move over one lane," Montes said.

Mikus goes to UCF and was taken home by her friends. Troopers have not said whether she will be ticketed or charged yet.