• Four arrested after meth lab discovered in Brevard County home


    BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - Two men and two women were arrested after an active meth lab was found in a home on Merritt Island Monday morning, deputies said.

    The active meth lab was found in a home on James Avenue on Merritt Island M0nday morning, investigators said.

    "Well we've been wondering what's been going on there. Police have been coming by constantly," said neighbor Tim Tracy.

    Kyla Winn, 26, Gregory Johnson, 39, Michael Fula, 36 and Ashton Senior, 27, were all arrested in connection with the meth lab, the sheriff's office said.

    A deputy who arrived at the scene first suffered a minor chemical burn. He was treated and released from a nearby hospital, according to officials.

    The suspects face charges that include possession and manufacture of meth.

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