Golf clubs, bottles used in bloody Windermere house party fight


WINDERMERE, Fla. - A Windermere birthday party turned into a bloodbath over the weekend when two men allegedly attacked several guests with their fists, golf clubs and beer bottles.

The violent house party happened Saturday at a home along Sixth Avenue, which is right next to Isleworth Country Club.

Channel 9 talked with one of the victims, who said the brawl broke out over a girl.

Police said the party was for a girl who was celebrating her 21st birthday, but it quickly escalated out of control.Austin Flowers was DJing the party when the chaos broke out.

“It was nuts, and there was just blood all leaked through the house,” he said.

Flowers said things spiraled out of control after his friend and one of the homeowners, Matthew Stanley, got into a fight over a girl.

“Eric turned around to see what hit him and there was just blood and shards of glass all over him,” said Flowers.

According to the police report, the suspects started throwing beer bottles at the guests, hitting them in the neck and head.  Then people started fighting each other with golf clubs. 

Stanley was injured, but when a girl at the party tried to help him, he pulled out a baseball bat and threatened to hit her, the police report said.

One man was in the hot tub when he was attacked with the bat, authorities said.

The chaos came to a climax when police said the other homeowner, Cody Vandergrift, pulled out a gun.

Flowers said he tried to leave, but Vandergrift wouldn't let him.

“I saw the freaking gun and they had clubs up and I am like, ‘Dude, let me get the hell out of here,’” said Flowers.

By the time Flowers got out, police were already on the way.

Stanley and Vandergrift were arrested but refused to talk to investigators without a lawyer.

Both were released on bonds of about $5,500.

At least five people were treated at Health Central Hospital for cuts and bruises.

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