• Good Samaritan returns wallet to student, adds $20, asks to pass on good deed


    MIAMI - A Miami Marlins fan lost all hope of finding his wallet after he lost it during a game until another fan returned it, but not without asking for something in return.

    The high school senior left his seat when he noticed his wallet was gone.

    Later that week, a man dropped Cristhian Reyes' wallet off at his school after finding his ID in it.

    There was also a note that read in part, "I added $20 so you know the world is a great place. When you get the chance, do something nice for someone else."

    "I just want to thank him for giving me back my wallet, and whenever I can, I will return that favor," said Reyes.

    The note was left unsigned.

    The school also reached out to the Marlins organization to let them know that at least one of their fans is a true good Samaritan.

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