Habitat for Humanity kicks off national building blitz in Sanford



SANFORD, Fla. - The organization kicked off its "Blitz Build" event Monday in Sanford.
Channel 9 was there for the campaign kickoff and to watch as volunteers put up the walls of a home that in a week will belong to Clarence Grayson.
"Oh, I'm feeling great today," Grayson said. "This is the most wonderful thing that ever could have happened to me."
Grayson is about to move out of a home that he describes as a rundown shack and into a new, two-bedroom, one-bath home.
"Oh, yes, and that's so wonderful. I just don't know what to say about it," Grayson said.

Slideshow: Habitat for Humanity builds Sanford home

Over the next week, local builders from around the country will donate time and materials to build more than 200 homes in more than 50 cities.
"It's huge to be able to create that kind of legacy in a community. It just makes you feel really good," Penny Seater of Habitat for Humanity said.
Grayson said he's been watching the property on West 11th Street since crews started prep work weeks ago.
"I couldn't even sleep last night. I was walking and pacing and waiting because they said they were going to have it going up today," Grayson said.
Grayson should get the keys to his home next week.
Habitat for Humanity volunteers will also do a partial rebuild of another Sanford home during the blitz