• In wake of mass shooting, theme park workers say they 'heart' you Orlando


    CENTRAL FLORIDA - Social media has exploded since a gunman entered Orlando's Pulse nightclub and opened fire, killing 50 and wounding an additional 53.

    Posts express grief, anger, outrage, sorrow and so much more.

    But the vast majority of them offer solace, hope and support - sometimes through words, sometimes through a very different medium.

    Facebook user Kevin O'Brien has compiled a number of pictures on his page showing employees from Disney, Universal, Sea World and numerous other theme parks in Central Florida, holding up their hands in the shape of a heart in support of Orlando.

    For O'Brien, the show of support from so many people for Orlando, the victims and their families, is proof "that there is love out there."

    "This is family. We are one, strong band of people," he wrote on his Facebook page. "From entertainment, costuming, techs, attractions, merchandise, custodial and all other (departments)."

    Support came from all over the world, and O'Brien pulled together dozens of photos showing hundreds, if not thousands, of people telling Orlando they "heart" the city.

    The last post on his page was made just before midnight, and in it, O'Brien said how "overwhelmed" he was by the number of people who made photos and sent them to him.

    "I love you for doing this and showing love conquers hate," he wrote.


    Below are some of the photos O'Brien posted on his Facebook page:


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