Judge: Casey Anthony must turn in finance info to attorneys


ORLANDO, Fla. - An Orange County judge ruled that Casey Anthony must turn over information about her finances.

Attorneys for both Zenaida Gonzalez and Anthony were in court Tuesday morning.

Gonzalez is suing Anthony for defamation of character after she claimed that a nanny with the same name as Gonzalez kidnapped Anthony's daughter, Caylee.

Gonzalez's lawyer said he wants to know where Anthony has been getting her money so they can establish her net worth.

But Anthony's attorney, Andrew Chmelir, believed the questions were being asked for publicity sake.

"They're asking for information that really has no value other than to create more publicity in this case," Chmelir said.

"I disagree you're honor. Obviously, a person's income impacts what their net worth is," said Gonzalez's attorney John Dill.

Anthony must also answer Gonzalez's questions, but her attorneys may not reveal the answers publicly.

The trial is scheduled for January.