Leesburg man accused of luring children from park



LAKE COUNTY, Fla. - Some Lake County parents are responsible for helping investigators uncover a possible child predator.

Detectives said David Kyle lured at least one boy twice from a Leesburg skate park, and they think there could be more victims.

Police said Kyle, 56, stalked his victims at a Groveland park.

"He admitted to picking up children at the park and taking them to his home," said Lt. John Flinn of the Groveland Police Department. "It's a very dangerous situation."

Police said they acted after a Groveland resident tipped off police Saturday, and after an undercover investigation, Kyle was arrested at Lake David Park.

So far, police said they have at least three young victims: boys between 9 and 12 years old.

Authorities said one child went in Kyle's car twice and once to his home on Conquistador Lane in Leesburg, where investigators made a disturbing discovery.

"We located a backpack with rope, scissors, duct tape and rags that appeared suspicious," said Flinn.

While police said they are not certain what the backpack was for, they said Kyle, who was convicted of kidnapping in the 1970s, told authorities he was thinking of doing it again.

"I'm shocked. I really am. That's a sick person," said one neighbor.

Neighbors in the retirement community where he lives said they were surprised.

"He depended a lot on his mother. [He] didn't have a job. He had some kind of disability," said another neighbor.

"Could have been my kids. Take your eye off them for a second, anything can happen," said parent D.J. Mullady.

Kyle was charged with two counts of luring a child, false imprisonment, interference with custody and aggravated stalking.

"At this time we do not have any probable cause to believe there was anything sexual in nature at this time," said Groveland Police Chief Mark Palmer.

Kyle remains jailed on $7.5 million bail.

Authorities said they're concerned there are more victims and are asking anyone with more information contact the Groveland Police Department or the Lake County Sheriff's Office.