Police: Man stole parking tickets from cars as prank



ORLANDO, Fla. - A man removed parking tickets from downtown Orlando cars as part of a prank, according to police.

Police said 31-year-old Marvin Luc was arrested after he was caught stealing parking tickets from the windows of vehicles parked in a lot between Central Avenue and Pine Street near the fire department.

"It's not funny if you're on the receiving end of it," said Orlando resident Steve Sprinkles. "Well, if he wants to pay them I'm OK with that, but he's probably not going to pay them."

Reports state that Luc knew he was committing a crime, saying to police "I know I'm going to jail."

The tickets were returned to the cars, according to police.

If Luc had not been caught, the people who were ticketed could have faced legal troubles.

WFTV learned that people who do not pay the fine on the ticket might end up with a boot on their car, be unable to renew their registration, be sent to a collection agency or have a mandatory court date. If the unknowing victim missed a mandatory court date, the judge could issue a bench warrant and they'd be arrested, all because of a stolen parking ticket.

Luc has since bonded out of jail. WFTV went by Luc's home to get his side of the story on Monday night, but no one answered the door.

Police said they witnessed Luc steal at least two tickets.