Man charged after deputies find 11 pot plants at Waterford Lakes home



ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Orange County deputies said they were investigating a man for stealing power when they discovered nearly a dozen marijuana plants instead.

Investigators took 52-year-old Thomas Ludewig into custody after finding 11 pot plants growing on the porch of his home on Ferryboat Court near Waterford Lakes.

Deputies were originally called out to the house after a report of theft of power from the neighboring home. Authorities said power theft is often times a red flag for a grow operation.

“We are now far more aggressive as to addressing those types of crimes as far as theft of power, so when they got over there, they usually know what they are looking for when they get there,” said Orange County PIO Jeff Williamson.

According to the arrest report, Ludewig also had equipment to help grow the plants, along with a cultivation ledger to determine the best time to harvest.

Deputies said they also found a copy of High Times magazine.

So far, deputies said they don't have enough evidence to charge Ludewig with distributing the drugs. If deputies determine Ludewig was selling the pot,      he could face additional charges.