• Man formerly on home confinement says it would have been easy to abuse


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Eyewitness News was the first to tell viewers about problems with the Orange County home confinement system and when the program was shut down, some suspects were sent straight to jail.

    But only Channel 9 found nearly 100 others were left completely unmonitored, including some suspects accused of sex crimes.

    Channel 9's Kathi Belich talked to 24-year-old Eduardo Rosa, who has a list of violations, and he claims he has paperwork to prove exactly where he was.

    Two of the 93 people taken off home confinement are charged with sex crimes involving children.

    Prosecutors call Rosa a habitual felony offender.

    Rosa did prison time on robbery and theft charges, and he's now been charged with sexually molesting a minor.

    During the three months he was on home confinement, jail records show Rosa could have violated his curfew as many as 45 times, anywhere from a half hour to 15 hours.

    On Friday, Channel 9 caught up with Rosa at the Dairy Queen he manages. He said he was always at work during the times in question and officers either tracked him down here, called him or got records from him to back that up.

    But he admits it would be easy to abuse the freedom.

    In another case, 25-year-old Ernesto Quezada is charged with three crimes involving a child under 12.

    According to court records, he was on home confinement for more than two years and during that time, jail records show he could have violated his curfew as many as 91 times from a half-hour to up to 14 hours.

    But he was taken off home confinement earlier this month and now he just has to meet with his bail bondsman once a week.

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