• Dash cam video shows Marine banging head against cruiser after DUI arrest


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Nearly a month after dash cam video was released of an anesthesiologist acting erratically in the back of Florida Highway Patrol trooper's car, a very similar incident happened again to the same trooper.

    When troopers pulled behind Andrew Rocker, a United States Marine, they said he was driving nearly 100 mph on State Road 408 in Orlando.

    Troopers said the 23-year-old reeked of alcohol and failed his first field sobriety test.

    However, it wasn't until they arrested him and put him into the back of a cruiser that he started cursing and screaming at the authorities.

    Rocker first bragged about his time as a Marine in Afghanistan and then proceeded to insult the trooper because he'd never served in the military.

    After a few questions, Rocker began to bang his head repeatedly against the glass.

    When the trooper told Rocker to calm down, he went on a profanity-laced tirade.

    WFTV found out Rocker was pulled over by the same trooper who pulled over Dr. Zach Bird, the Titusville anesthesiologist who kicked and banged his head against the back of the car in May.

    Florida Highway Patrol said the cruiser had just been cleaned from top to bottom after the incident with Bird.

    Rocker also admitted to authorities that he was pulled over earlier that day for speeding.

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