McAfee software creator named person of interest in UCF restaurant owner's death



ORLANDO, Fla. - The owner of a restaurant at the University of Central Florida was found shot and killed in Belize, and investigators said they want to question his neighbor, software billionaire John McAfee.

McAfee created the anti-virus software that bears his name and is used all over the world.

He now lives in Belize and was neighbors with Greg Faull, who owned a construction company and Tailgaters Smokehouse at UCF.

Faull was found dead on Sunday, investigators said.

In a recent exclusive interview with Wired magazine, McAfee said he was in hiding.

"He sounded scared, he sounded nervous, he was convinced that the police were going to kill him," said Joshua Davis of Wired magazine.

Police said although McAfee and Faull were neighbors in Belize, they apparently didn't get along.

They said McAfee had become increasingly erratic and violent, even hanging around known gangsters.

Faull even filed a complaint about McAfee for allegedly wildly firing guns.

In an interview posted on YouTube, McAfee talked about the day police raided his home in May, seizing dozens of guns.

He was arrested for gun possession, but the charges were later dropped.

McAfee said he was a victim of police harassment in that case and said in this case they went even further.

He said he believes police poisoned his dogs, killed Greg Faull and are now framing him.

Police in Belize said McAfee is only a person of interest, but if they decide to charge him, they plan to hold him throughout the proceedings.

McAfee is now hiding from the police.  Authorities report that McAfee is hiding somewhere in Belize.  He has corresponded with several news media but will not disclose his whereabouts.

Said McAfee, "I am unable to move. That's clear.  All the police, all the PDF have my photo. It's a small country.  I am a white man with unique features.  If I leave this house I would be identified instantly."

Faull's family released a statement Tuesday afternoon remembering him as a loving father and son.

He had lived in the Central Florida area since 1985 and bought a second home in Belize just a few years ago.