Mother bear, 3 cubs spend afternoon in Altamonte Springs tree



ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. - A mother bear and her three cubs spent much of Thursday in a tree near some homes on Midway Drive in Altamonte Springs.
"It is very scary knowing what the bear could actually do as a mother defending her cubs," said resident Crystal Rowe.
Earlier in the day, Rowe said the bears, 30 feet up in the tree, had her concerned.
"It is in midday right now and I have to worry about my kids running around playing," Rowe said. 
According to Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission officials, the bears likely climbed the tree out of fear.
The officials said it often happens when bears are on the move from one area to another.
"She hasn't done any harm yet, but who's to say that she (won't) eventually in the long run.  I just wish that they could get relocated," said Rowe.
In a statement to Channel 9 FWC officials said they had no plans to try to capture and relocate the bears.
"Now is the time to expect bears to show up looking for food. If they cannot find food in your neighborhood, they will move on. Never intentionally approach a bear," Greg Workman, with FWC, said in the statement.
While some residents expressed concern about the bears, others said they were certain the bears felt threatened as well.
"This is their habitat. They are not out here to hurt us. She is just looking for food," said resident Marie Finnegan.
Shortly after a thunderstorm passed through the neighborhood Thursday afternoon, the bears climbed down from the tree and headed to a nearby wooded area.