Mother of high school student found with gun in backpack says weapon was hers


ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - An East River High School student who deputies said brought a loaded 9 mm gun to school was turned in by his mom, Channel 9 learned.

Elijah Colon, 17, was arrested Wednesday after the gun was found in his backpack.

Reports said the gun wasn’t the only illegal item in the boy’s possession.

A deputy said the teenager had a water bottle filled with Hennessy when he was busted with the loaded gun.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office report said Elijah Colon was reported having the gun by his mother.

A deputy wrote Elijah Colon had a Smith and Wesson 9 mm with eight rounds in it stuffed inside his backpack.

Deputy’s also found the alcohol in his backpack.

The school sent out a recording to parents about the incident, which said the weapon was never used in a threatening manner.

The boy’s mother, Melinda Colon, told Channel 9 over the phone there was no threat because her son didn’t know he had the gun until she rushed to the school and interrupted the senior in the middle of his SAT test.

She said the gun is hers and was inside a pouch she owns. She said her son mistakenly took the pouch with the gun when she dropped him off at school. Now she fears his young life is turned upside down.

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