'My PD' phone app gives Ocala residents direct line to police



OCALA, Fla. - While people are familiar with a brick-and-mortar police department, the Ocala Police Department has come out with an addition for modern times.

"Almost everyone is carrying a smartphone these days. Having apps on your smartphone is the way to do things. It's easy. It's user-friendly. It's quick," said Sgt. Angy Scroble with Ocala Police.

Police believe the My PD app is the answer. It can be downloaded free of charge, giving residents the chance to contact the chief and other top officials directly, provide feedback on officers and receive important alerts from the department.

It can also be used to fight crime. The app has a "tips" section.

Officials said users of the app will have the ability to switch the GPS locator on and off, as well as an "anonymous" tab.

Scroble said the app is for non-emergencies and anyone with an emergency should call 911.

Police say they've already received feedback from residents who have downloaded the app.