• New Orlando City Soccer logo to be painted on some buildings


    ORLANDO, Fla. - When Orlando City Soccer unveils its no logo, residents can expect to see it all over downtown.

    City officials said the logo is going to be painted on some of the city’s most prominent buildings, including the Harry Buffalo restaurant on Church Street.

    The murals cannot exceed 100 square-feet and a city official will have to approve all final renderings before they grace the buildings.

    “It will draw the attraction of the people in the city of Orlando,” said resident Ronald Hampton.

    Some residents disagree.

    “I mean, it’s cool that the city is trying to do something to make everything little more beautiful and fun, and controversial. But there are plenty of people who hate this,” another resident, who didn’t want to be identified, said.

    City commissioners must first approve a temporary permit to allow the murals in city limits.

    That’s expected to get the go-ahead next week.

    The murals will eventually be removed.

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