New passport kiosks at OIA save time, improve safety



ORLANDO, Fla. - New self-service passport kiosks are helping some international travelers get through customs at Orlando International Airport faster.

Channel 9's Steve Barrett got to see how they work firsthand and found out how much time travelers could save on their next flight.

OIA and customs officials said they've waited a long time for the first roll out of new electronic kiosks to scan passports and help move international passengers into Orlando quicker.

“We are officially launching this application today, the first in the United States,” said Phil Brown with the Orlando International Airport.

The kiosks were demonstrated Wednesday.

The systems get information on some of the most basic questions for visitors from 38 different countries.

The idea is that passengers spend a little time at the new kiosk, they can spend a lot less time talking to an agent.

“For the traveler, the advantage is it's a reduced wait time. So when you come off the plane the lines will be shorter and you can use a kiosk to perform part of your inspection,” said John Wagner with U.S. Customs.

The new system is expected to decrease wait times up to 35 percent and free up customs officers to perform more important checks, which they said should increase safety at the airport.