NYPD sergeant accused of sexually abusing boy in Osceola Co. 24 years ago



OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. - Osceola County sheriff's detectives learned a New York Police Department sergeant has been accused of sexually battering a family member 24 years ago, when the victim was 8 years old and living in Osceola County.

Eduardo Nieves is a sergeant with the NYPD and has been on the force and or otherwise employed with the NYPD for 18 years. He has since been charged with six counts of capital sexual battery relating to the allegations.

Late last year, the New York City Police Department received a report that alleged Nieves sexually battered a family member.

A New York woman came forward claiming Nieves sexually abused her when she was a young girl.

According to the very graphic report, the woman said Nieves touched her over and under her clothes, even once waking up to him grabbing her by the neck.

The alleged victim goes on to say that Nieves once put her hands behind her back and handcuffed her, removed her pants and began touching her.

Once a victim turns 18, New York law has a five-year statute of limitations on these types of crimes, so investigators there couldn't charge Nieves.

However, the NYPD said it discovered another similar crime in Osceola County might have happened involving Nieves, so it contacted the Osceola County Sheriff's Office.

Osceola detectives said they found Nieves resided in an apartment complex on Michigan Avenue in 1988, and the sexual battery involving the 8-year-old boy happened sometime between March and June of that year.

Once Osceola County deputies discovered there was a local victim, they were able to arrest and charge Nieves.

Florida has no statute of limitations on capital felony crimes, so Nieves will be extradited to Osceola County.

Nieves, who is assigned to the Manhattan Detention Center, initially cooperated with the investigation, but he eventually requested an attorney, authorities said.