• Obama wins Florida, topping Romney in final electoral vote tally

    WASHINGTON (AP) (AP)ong> - Obama wins Florida’s 29 electoral votes after lengthy ballot count.

    Florida’s secretary of state announced Saturday that Florida’s 29 electoral votes will go to Obama.

    All 67 counties in the state had until Saturday at noon to finish counting the ballots and submitting them to the state.

    The 29 electoral votes only helped to pad Obama’s re-election Electoral College vote numbers 332 to 206.

    Florida officials said Obama had 50 percent of the vote to Romney's 49.1 percent, a margin of about 74,000 votes.

    The win gives Obama victories in eight of the nine swing states, losing only North Carolina. He won Ohio, Iowa, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Virginia, Colorado and Nevada.

    The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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