• Orange Co. homeowner allegedly leads authorities to his own grow house


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - An Orange County homeowner called the power company to report a problem, and ended up leading them straight to a major marijuana grow house, authorities said.

    Investigators said they carried out more than 100 pot plants from the home in the Canyon Ridge subdivision near Clarcona-Ocoee Road.

    When Channel 9’s Kristyn Caddell went to the home, the odor of marijuana was so pungent, she could smell it from across the street.

    Investigators were at the home all night Wednesday removing the plants from the top floor of the home.

    They said there was so much marijuana in the home, that there was very little living space.

    “They were actually remodeling the back room into another grow operation, which was going to be even larger,” said Robert white with the Corporal Narcotics Tip Squad.

    Neighbors watched in awe as the plants were being carried out.

    Norm Pozzie said he never noticed the pungent smell, but did see a lot of expensive cars and well-dressed people stopping by the house on a regular basis.

    When the homeowner called the power company to report an electrical short, officials with Duke Energy noticed the lines had been tampered with.

    The man was allegedly running some illegal power to the home to run his grow house, but it shorted out his power.

    “We know who lives here, we know who paid for everything and we know who set it up,” White said.

    Investigators said they will be putting out a warrant for the man’s arrest.

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