Orange County sheriff looks to reduce burglaries with box disposal program



ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - In an effort to thwart home burglaries, the Orange County Sheriff's Office will be helping shoppers dispose of boxes that held expensive items.

According to officials, "burglar boxes" are discarded cardboard boxes that held high-priced electronic and other items.

Deputies said the boxes, when set out with the trash or recyclables, often let would-be burglars know that the home has a new TV, computer, gaming system or other high-end item.

Through Jan. 3, the sheriff's office will have waste receptacles throughout the county for shoppers to dispose of large appliance or electronics boxes. There is no charge to dispose of the boxes.

Sheriff's officials will release the locations of their "Operation Burglar Box" collection points sometime Friday.


Sector 3 — Pine Hills Shopping Center, 5101 West Colonial Drive

 Sector 3 — Home Depot, 7022 West Colonial Drive

 Sector 3— Rotary Club, 475 South Kirkman Road

 Friday 11/29/13

 Sector 2—Subway, 413 North Alafaya Trail

 Sector 4 — CVS, 5190 South Conway Road

 Sector 4 — KMART, 7825 South Orange Blossom Trail

 Tuesday 12/3/13

 Sector 2 — EOS, 11000 Lake Underhill Road

 Sector 4 — Sedano’s Super Market, 12981 S Orange Blossom Trail