• Orange County Commission discusses controversial Osceola County toll road plans


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - On Tuesday afternoon Orange County commissioners discussed the possibility of a new Osceola County toll road coming into Orange County.
    The road would slice through several new subdivisions between Osceola Parkway and Narcoossee Road.
    A few weeks ago county leaders believed they did not have a way to stop the Osceola County Expressway Authority.
    People who bought homes in the new Orange County subdivisions of Wyndham Lakes Estates, Fells Landing and Eagle Creek said they had no clue that the Osceola County Expressway Authority was quietly mapping out plans for a toll road that could take away some residents' scenic views and other residents' homes.
    "There are numerous studies that show proximity to highways decreases home values. We are concerned that this proposed project is already decreasing our home values," said Eagle Creek resident Amy Stilling.
    It's an unusual situation with Osceola County planning to seize land in Orange County.
    With meetings in both counties today, residents decided to divide and try to conquer.
    Area resident Mary Wilson attended the Expressway Authority meeting in Osceola County.
    "We do not want them building across us with a toll road," said Wilson.
    Orange County leaders said Osceola County officials told them about the latest route May 12.
    Osceola County officials contend they met with Orange County staff members about the possibility of taking land in 2010.
    The chair of the Expressway Authority said if the toll road doesn't get built there is a traffic disaster ahead.
    "Narcoossee road fails in three to four years, in five years it becomes a parking lot. Literally in Orange County it becomes a parking lot. People have got to get west and they've got to get east," said Atlee Mercer, with the Osceola County Expressway Authority.
    Orange County commission discusses controversial Osceola County toll road plans

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